ISCnet – International Sustainable Chemistry Network

History of the ISCnet

The ISCnet has many origins: the advisory council that supported the ISC3 preparative project with discussions and advice, contacts and connections that derived from the project team of the ISC3 preparative project as well as research work by the project team within the communities of sustainable chemistry and chemicals management.

ISC3 aims at being an open and globally accepted discussion platform of the international sustainable chemistry community. For this purpose, the ISCnet has been established as a global network for all stakeholders active or interested in sustainable chemistry. It will help to collect, compile and distribute findings from projects and funding programmes on products, processes and business models. It will also act as a sounding board for the activities, projects and recommendations of the ISC3. Furthermore, it should become an international market place for sustainable chemistry, acting as a contact and cooperation hub.

By introducing ISC3 at a number of global events, many additional supporters have already been invited to join the ISCnet.

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ISCnet – International Sustainable Chemistry Network